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Oceania Para Regional Championships 2015
Summary report

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CountryGenderClassName ChangeFinal rating
AUSM10COUGHLAN Joel+291129
AUSF4DI TORO Lisa Daniela+33
AUSM3HARRIS Mark+15756
AUSM6HIRTH Trevor+61133
AUSF6JULIAN Rebecca+2910
NZLM8KAMIZONA Victor-21147
AUSF10MCDONNELL Andrea+51366
AUSM9MEYN Jackson-61147
AUSM8MIZRACHI Barak+481208
FRAM8MONTEIRO Avelino-4972
FIJF5RODEN Merewalesi Vakacegu+22
AUSF10TAPPER Melissa+71694
AUSF3TURNBULL Rosalie+5700
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