Following our SAEC meeting held in Mar del Plata in July 2005, there are some requirements that we would like to reinforce relating to our tournaments. These requirements are in our regulations but for ease of reference, they are repeated here:
  1. all entries to IPTTC tournaments (as well as bids to host IPTTC events) have to be signed by your NPC. In some countries, either the table tennis subcommittee or the sports association for the physically disabled or intellectually disabled submit the entries and this is not allowed by either the IPC or IPTTC.
  2. NPCs not in good standing may not participate in our events. This means that NPCs have to have paid their annual affiliation fees to the IPC and any other outstanding monies.
  3. all entries will be checked by the Technical Delegate to ensure that they are correct and have been submitted by the NPC.
  4. the Selection Officer will check that the NPC is in good standing.
  5. if any of the above are not done, we will unfortunately not be able to allow your players to participate in any IPTTC events.
If you have any queries, please contact the Selection Officer, Nico Verspeelt on as he has been requested by the SAEC to oversee this process