Laureus World Sport Awards

With the objective of promoting our sport, ITTC secretary Alison Burchell sent a letter to Laureus asking what were the criteria used by the IPC to determine which athletes are nominated to Laureus World Sport Awards.


Definition of the Category "Athlete of the Year with a Disability"

The "Athlete of the Year with a Disability" must have successfully competed in a competitive Sport on the Paralympic Program within the last year. He/she has a functional disadvantage due to a permanent disability and can therefore not participate in elite sporting events for non-disabled athletes on reasonably equal terms. The minimum disability requirement is determined in and by each sport.

Paralympic athletes fall under the following disability categories:

Athletes nominated must have demonstrated excellent sport performance during the last year, have shown strong leadership qualities through sport leadership/community activities/public speaking, and he/she will (most likely) compete in the upcoming Paralympic Games held in Sydney next October.