Minutes of Executive Committee meeting 27th and 28th October 2000

Documents handed out for this Meeting:

Minutes for the meeting 24th October 2000

Copy from IPC Handbook chapter 2 – IPC Sports Programme

Copy from IPC Handbook chapter 2 – Sports Assembly Executive Committee (SAEC)

Copy from IPC Handbook chapter 4 – Sanctioned and approved competition

The World Team Cup – Summary of players availability for players from Europe

ITTC Meeting regarding: ITTC, IPCTTSAEC and The World Team Cup

Minutes of meeting regarding: Netherlands Tournament

Paralympic Table Tennis Sports Assembly 2000

Christian told us that ITTC had worked – the last 4 years – as workshops. Now we are in progress and need sub-committees. Then the Officer is the "chairman" of the sub-committee and gives report to the SAEC.

There were some items added to the Agenda, marked bold:

  1. Minutes from the last meeting
  2. Additional Positions on committee
  3. a – Technical Officer

    b – Tournament Officer

    c – America’s Representative

    d – Ranking Officer – another word instead of Officer

    e – Treasurer

    f – Vice-Chairman

    g – Sport’s Council Representative

  4. Sub-committee systems
  5. The World Team Cup report
  6. ITTC Structure and Purpose
  7. Financial Situation
  8. Next meeting

Ad 1. A new item to the Agenda. The Minutes from the 24th October 2000.

Silas had at the last meeting told that he was not the representative of Fespic.

Silas is elected as member at large. The ITTC bylaws say that there has to be one from Fespic

and one from Pan-Am in the SAEC. When Silas was from Fespic, there were no need for co-opt

a Fespic Representative.

Then we talked about for how long Members at Large were chosen.

The chairman, members at large are for 4 years.

If one of the members at large is running for one of the new positions at WC 2002 and wins –

then it will be until 2006 – if he loose then he still is member at large until 2004.

Aart is co-opted until 2002 – when there will be a new election for Medical Officer.

Margit is co-opted as Secretary until 2004 – when the Chairman is elected for 4 years.

Then there were minor corrections to the Minutes from the S.A.

Ad 2. and 3. Additional positions on committee and Sub-committee systems.

Oivind made a diagram on the boarder.

Enclosed organisation diagram

Each Officer has to settle a budget for their sub-committee and make a plan for 2001. They have to make a report / follow up on the budget and a job-description by January 2001

The treasurer still makes the "hard work" – book keeping.

  1. The SAEC appointed Aksel Beckmann as Technical Officer as co-opted until 2002 and he accepted the appointment.
  2. The SAEC appointed Jiri Danek as Tournament Officer until 2004 and he accepted the appointment.
  3. American Representative.
  4. The SAEC appointed Sergio Lujano and will ask him – he was not at the meeting.

  5. Ranking Officer.
  6. The SAEC appointed Gaël Marziou as Webmaster and Ranking Director until 2004 – Gaël accepted the appointment

  7. The SAEC appointed Silas Chiang as Treasurer until 2004 and he accepted the appointment.
  8. The SAEC appointed Oivind Eriksen as Vice-chairman until 2002 and he accepted the appointment.
  9. Oivind Eriksen was appointed as the representative of the IPC Sport’s Council
    1. He also was appointed as the person who has the voting on behalf of Table Tennis at the IPC General Assembly.

Silas pointed out that it was necessary to have a letter with the Extract of the minutes to use, when he has to open an account in Hong Kong in the name of IPCTTSAEC. Margit will make this letter after the meeting.

The appointed officers could use the time when they are still at the Paralympic Games 2000 to appoint their subcommittees. There is some names they could use – the nominees from the S.A. several said that they would like to work for ITTC.

The Officer will make a plan, a budget and a job description and send it to Margit not latter the 10th December 2000. To make this they need some figures about the Budget.

Silas have to put pressure on IPC to get some figures from the IPC accounts.


Ad 4.

World Team Cup is much about prize money to the players, marketing the sport and sponsors to develop the sport.

The Oklahoma City Bid Committee need about 300,000$ - 500,000$ to run the World Team Cup. The money will be used to prize money, accommodation, free tables and other equipment. The work group will work further with the conditions for the World Team Cup.

One thing Gaël brought up about the World Team Cup was that 2002 is a bad year because the ranking points are counting for 1 year. It has to be attractive for the players.

Ad 5.

ITTC is an IPC Table Tennis Sport Assembly Executive Committee – but we keep the name ITTC – this is the name, which has developed Table Tennis (for disabled) within the last 4 years. ITTC is the organisation that everybody – working with Disabled Table Tennis – knows!

ITTC work out from the IPC handbook.

We need a meeting with IPC to present the goals, plans and what ITTC has in mind to do with the World Team Cup. Christian, Oivind and Silas are in this group. Christian will establish the meeting as soon as possible.

Maybe it first is possible in the second weekend of January 2001.

The ITTC will have a meeting from 11th – 12th January 2001 arriving at the 10th January 2001 evening.

Margit will contact IPC Headquarter in Bonn for meeting localities and hotel for the ITTC members.

Then Christian lined up the way that IPCTTSAEC and ITTC have to work


Paralympic Games

World Championships – multi-disability

Regional Championships when there is a

Regional body IPC

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Middle-East
  4. America
  5. East Asia
  6. South Pacific








The vice-chairman will send ideas to Officers what a Budget/Plan/Job description could contain

20th November 2000

The Officers have to send the Budget/Plan/Job description and the sub-committees to Margit

10th December 2000

Meeting with IPC as soon as possible but not later than 12th January 2001

ITTC have meeting the 11th January 2001 9.00 - ?

You will get information by email from Margit as soon as possible.

The application for tournaments with ranking factor 50 – 100 points the Organisers have to send to Headquarter in Bonn with a copy to Margit Beckmann.

The application for tournament with ranking factor 50 – 10 points the Organisers have to send to Margit Beckmann.

Every Officer has to send their personal information to Margit and one for Silas with the account number as soon as possible. Telephone, telefax, address and email.

The Secretary will get her own email and use the DHIF (Danish Sports Federation for Disabled) faxnumber. Soon you will get the number.

Christian will distribute the draft for the agenda for the meeting with IPC 14 days before the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting in Bonn with ITTC has to be send to the members of ITTC not later than 2. January 2001.





Margit Beckmann, Secretary General ITTC Christian Lillieroos, Chairman ITTC

28th October 2000