An important announce from tournament officer Jiri Danek and chairman Øivind Eriksen about factor 20 tournaments in 2010

Dear Organizers of our new Fa 20 tournaments in the first year of the New Structure. We hope it will be the tournaments of new quality for the participants.

During test year of the new structure, we have identified some points to improve and we hope, in 2010, we will have only smaller problems remaining that we will fix for year 2011.

Two substantial changes worth noting:

In the synoptic calendar for 2010, you will see the proposed dates of 10 rounds of Fa 20 tournaments: we will play Fa 20 and Fa 40 tournaments during all year round except two months (September and October 2010).

  1. The World Ranking List for the seeding of World Championships 2010 is moved to October 1st, 2010
  2. In September and October 2010 we will play only World Championships 2010

In this Synoptic Calendar, there are only playing days of the tournaments Fa 20 in 2010. If you are interested in organizing a Fa 20 tournament in 2010, please choose some possible dates there, fill in the application form of Fa 20 for 2010 and send it to us before the deadline of the Applications – April 30th, 2009.

Øivind Eriksen
Chairman of ITTF PTT
Jiri Danek
Tournament Officer of ITTF PTT