Web site unavailability

As you have surely noticed, our web site has been available for some weeks.
In fact, our hosting server has been attacked by hackers and infected by a very dangerous virus called Nimda.
Our system administrator Kenny Owens has spent a lot of time trying to restore and secure the server, but unfortunately it seems to take much longer than expected.

So, I decided to setup a mirror web site at http://dr.wu.free.fr. The address may look familiar to most of you, I was expecting something less personal but in emergency, I chose to use a site that I had previously opened for my friend Dr. Wu, Chi-Shih.
Anyway, this site is an exact copy of the original one, so you should find here all the information available from ITTC, if you find something missing please tell me

I also encourage you to spread the news to your friends that may not know the new address.

This situation is temporary, we are investigating several long term solutions including professional web hosting.

Gaël Marziou