Internet MEETING MINUTES, 2001-01-06


  1. Roll call: Each member state their presence with a message
  2. Present: Christian Lillieroos, Nico Verspeelt, Aart Kruimer, Aksel Beckmann (Only under point 7 and 8), Margit Beckmann (Only under point 7 and 8).

  3. Opening of the Meeting by the Chairman
  4. Christian Lillieroos opened the meeting at (10:40am US Central time) after several connection issues had been solved.

  5. Approval of the Agenda
  6. The agenda was approved unanimously.

  7. Selection of meeting secretary and minute taker. Finish within 30 days.
  8. The meeting secretary was decided to be the Chairman as well, based on the more existing Internet experience.

  9. Order of the meeting.
  10. The procedure is that every answer has to follow the given number that you have. I have number 1 and will be the first one to write.

  11. Budget report: Necessities and process for release of funds.
  12. Silas was not in the meeting therefore CL talked on the budget issues. The critical issue is the deadline of January 15 for all submission of receipts for this year. We do not know what the current status is on our IPC account, and CL will meet with Martin Mehren in Boon about that next week. ITTC is the only sport that gets a reduction for the 2001 budget from US$18,000 to US$16,000. If we are not even are using up our 2000 budget we have no arguments for getting more in 2001 so get all you receipts in now. Each member was asked to estimate their receipts left to turn in for year 2000. Nico does not have any expenses. Aksel only has the Sydney Air flight invoice of about AUS$3000 and absolutely maximum US$1000 in expenses from last year including Sydney. Jiri has no expenses but suggests that maybe we could give some money to member for phone calls, fax e-mails etc. To improve the 2001 budget we could give for ex US$100 per member/year. Aart has only some phone calls and his committee has not created any expenses. Jiriís air ticket to Bonn will be very expensive, about USD 900 !!! Jiri ordered the ticket two weeks ago, if a weekend stay is included the prices will be much cheaper. Jiri will investigate if it is possible to stay later in Bonn to get a better Airline price. Christian will bring it up with Martin Mehren, in Bonn to see if something more practical can be worked out.

  13. Selection of new Secretary General, Margit is resigning. Any structure changes?
  14. Margit had some suggestions for recommendations of replacements that were discussed. The committee felt that no adjustments to the structure should be necessary. The new person should be able to learn the procedures pretty fast if they have experience in administration work.

    8. Selection of new Technical Officer, Aksel is resigning. Any structure changes?

    Aksel will support the new T.O., and we will have an elected position in 2002 as T.O. so the decision was taken to keep a person in that position even if we are inexperienced about the position. It will be important to have enough people to help on the sub committee, and to have a meeting soon. Beckmann said: I have also persons in Australia that can do umpires Seminars in the FESPIC area. Specifically Steven Lee, the Referee for the Paralympics and Fran Keyhoe, deputy Referee at the Paralympics, very much would like to work in the umpire / Referee area. Aly Salam, USA, deputy referee in Sydney, has promised to keep the database of umpires and Referees updated. It was unanimously decided to offer the job to Raul Calin from ESP. Aksel will be on the sub committee as a member. The selection of TDís is now transferred to the Tournament committee. The new T.O. will decide on the composition of the committee members and will make a presentation to the Executive committee.

    Lillieroos Thanked Aksel and Margit again for all the help over the years, and hoped that they would get back to ITTC soon in some capacity. We understand the need to take care of the children for now.

  15. Selection committee report. Procedure for 2002 Selection. Deadline for ranking process. When is the next sub committee meeting?
  16. Some informal discussions were made but the sub committee will have a meeting in Bonn on Wednesday January 9th, and will make a final report at the meeting in Bonn.

  17. Tournament Committee report.
  1. TD inspections for 2002 Taiwan.
  2. Deadlines for Sanctions USA and others.
  3. Comments on Sydney report. TD reports from Italy 12-2000.
  4. World Team Cup work group report.
  5. Executive members attendance at 30 point tournaments and higher. All Regional tournamentís Chairman and Selection Officerís attendance needed.
  6. 2001 Americas Regional championships could be cancelled.

Moved to next week in Bonn

  1. Medical Committee report: Issues:
  1. Nominations of Classifiers to the 2001 tournaments.
  2. Classification congress to work out a new system, what dates.
  3. Classification administrator needed. Status on the Merging of Classification database together with the ranking list.
  4. INAS-FID classification issues during Sydney and future plans.

Moved to next week in Bonn

  1. Technical Committee report:
  1. TD Selections; Taiwan 2002, Nigeria 2001.
  2. Rules and regulations update with the changes from 1999-11 Ė 2001-01
  3. Technical Delegate training.
  4. Referee training.

Moved to next week in Bonn

  1. Development Committee report:
  1. Jordan development seminar what happened?
  2. Classification, Coach and TD training in the regions.
  3. Regional Representative reports on development issues.
  4. Athlete communication plans.

Moved to next week in Bonn

  1. Next Meeting after Bonn next week?

Moved to next week in Bonn