Minutes ITTC meeting Bonn 11.01.2001 – 12.01.2001

Present Christian Lillieroos Meeting Chairman

Nico Verspeelt

Vincent Boury

Jiri Danek

Øivind Eriksen Meeting Secretary

  1. Selection committee’s report (written report from Nico Verspeelt)

1.1 Voting members

1 Nico Verspeelt Selection Officer

2 Vincent Boury Player’s representative

3 Øivind Eriksen Main TD – World Championships 2002

4 Regional representatives Africa/Middle East, Pan-Am,



  1. Europe
  2. Africa-Middle-East
  3. Pan-Am
  4. Fespic
  5. Ranking director

There will be e-mail votes on who will be voting member (Nr 4 - regional representative).

This was decided by 5 votes against 0.

    1. Job descriptions

What kind of decision power does the selection committee have ?

Selection system in championships :

60 30 10 Worlds/Paralympics

90 10 Regionals (Europe)

Selection committee should be authorized to deal with selections for Euro – 2001 if selections are needed for the tournament. To be decided within February 20th.

Too many entries in 10, 20 or 30 points tournaments (the job of the tournament officer). It was agreed that this must be dealt with by the tournament committee.

Selection committee job description

2 Tournament committee’s report

2.1 Job descriptions

Members Jiri Danek CZE

Steven Lee AUS

Jesper Christensen DEN

Allison Burchell SA

Benedeto Rodrigez de Oliveira BRA

  1. TD for World Championships 2002
  2. It was agreed that Øivind Eriksen will be TD for WC 2002 Taipei

    There will also be a deputy TD and trainee TD (to be decided later)

    There will be organized a TD seminar during the Championships

  3. TD for Europeans 2001
  4. TD for Europeans was decided to be Jiri Danek

    Deputy TD for Europeans was decided to be Øivind Eriksen

  5. Selections 2002 WC
  6. 70 % men 30 % women

    274 men 120 women 394 players

    The SC will continue to work with the selections for WC 2002.

    5.1 Group play system (singles and team)

    A system will be made by Øivind Eriksen and presented for the executive committee

  7. Proposals

The proposal was approved, and will be added to the rules.

The proposal was approved.

The proposal was approved.


Hamar, 20. April 2001


Øivind Eriksen

Meeting secretary