Resignation of Aksel and Margit Beckmann
Co-optation of Raul Calin

As the newly elected ITTC Chairman, I have to announce that we did not start out as grand as we were hoping with our ambitious goals that were presented in the Table Tennis Assembly in Sydney.

Aksel Beckmann and Margit Beckmann have resigned from ITTC due to family reasons, we thank them for the very hard work they have done during the last 4 years. They have provided an invaluable contribution to ITTC and the Paralympic movement world wide. Therefore it is not easy to replace such great individuals. Aksel will still be active in the Technical sub committee, and Margit will from time to time help with some projects.

It is with excitement that ITTC can announce that Raul Calin from Spain has accepted the new appointment as Technical Officer. This was confirmed in the recent ITTC Executive meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Due to this, ITTC communication has been affected lately. Tournament organizers need now to send their application forms to the ITTC Chairman's office in USA. We recommend especially if you have not received any answer yet to other official communication in the last 2 months to resend it to the following:

ITTC Chairman's Office
4200 S. Douglas
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Tel: +1(405)644-6037 (8:00 - 17:00 US Central time Mon. - Fri.)
Fax: +1(405)644-6092

This new information is also posted on the new adjusted Tournament Application form. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused anyone.


Christian Lillieroos
ITTC Chairman