July 6th-8th 1999

  1. Time table of meetings in Piestany
  2. Information about rubbers.
  3. Letter from Nigerian player.
  4. Letter from Portogruaro.
  5. Future organisation of ITTC.
  6. Preparing the meeting with the nations.
  7. European Championships 2001 and 2003.

Item 1.

July 6th 15.30 - 18.00 ITTC­meeting.
July 6th 19.30 - 22.00 ITTC­meeting.
July 7th 09.00 12.30 ITTC­meeting.
July 7th 14.00 16.00 ITTC­meeting.
July 7th 14.00 16.00 Draw team event.
July 7th 17.00 18.00 Technical meeting with Organiser.
July 7th 19.00 21.00 Opening Ceremony.
July 7th 21.30 22.30 Meeting with the nations.
July 7th 21.00 24.00 Umpires seminar.
July 8th 09.00 12.00 ITTC­meeting.
July 8th 10.00 12.00 Draw individual, mentally and Doubles.

Item 2.

Made an official statement about which rubbers are illegal at the European championships 1999.

Item 3.

Aksel will make an official answer on the letter e­mail when he returns to Denmark on July 12th 1999.

Item 4.

Margit will prepare a letter together with the TD / Marianne and copy Massimo to make sure it will be understood in Italy. The consequence of the missing results is that Portogruaro tournament will not be sanctioned in 2000.

Item 5.

Margit will send out what we have discussed about Sydney.

Preparing the meeting in Bonn and Palestine we will do on e­mail meeting.

Item 6.

Oivind made a presentation of the Ideas from ITTC. First he told about the years 1996­1999 and then what the committee has been doing the last two days. He told that it was a kind of brainstorming. He asked the Nations to give us feedback and ideas.

Oivind told the Nations that ITTC needs to change the flexibility of tournaments with factor 10 and 20.

Item 7.

We have had two candidates.

Karlsborg (Very small town, they have not enough beds for the wheelchairs) They will not have the EC 2001.

Frankfurt/Main: It is possible to have the championships here.

We have decided to recommend that Euro­PC give the EC 2001 to Germany Frankfurt/Main.

Margit write a letter to Euro­PC

EC 2003

Two candidates



Margit will write a letter to Poland and Croatia (asking them to apply for tournament in 2000 and 2001).

Margit Beckmann / 18th July 1999