ITTC Minutes of Internet Meeting
13th June 1999

  1. Roll Call: Presence of following members in speaker number order :

    Christian Lillieroos (CL), Chairman
    Aksel Beckmann (AB) #1
    Oeivind Eriksen (OE) #2
    Aart Kruimer (AK) #3
    Jiri Danek (JD) #4
    Margit Beckmann (MA) #5
    Marianne Baertelsen (MB) #6
    Vincent Boury (VB) #7
    Dr. Wu (WU) #8
    Silas Chiang (SC) #9

  2. Opening the Meeting by the Chairman: CL opened the meeting and instructed about the speaking order.

  3. Approval of the Agenda: There was 2 additions: Point 13A Meeting in Piestany and Other Relevant Subjects.

  4. Selection of Meeting Secretary and Minutes Taker: MA and MB will do the minutes together. Due to holidays the minutes will be ready for the IPC Headquarters the weekend 17th - 18th July, only.

  5. Order of the Meeting: The subjects will be handled in the fixed order.

  6. Budget: Many data to be given to headquarters. Classifiers database of certified classifiers.
    We have USD 16,500 + 6,000 from the capitation fees from last year’s worlds.
    Using of funds: The treasurer (SC) would be the only person that can authorise money from our account. In this way he will be able to control which money and for what purpose it is being used.
    AK will send the classifier list to IPC HQ after the Europeans in July.

  7. Election of New Chairman for October Meeting: Procedures The procedure is that the ITTC executives decide who will be the chairman, and when such chairman resigns the executives must make a new decision for the remaining time of the period.
    This will be done at the October meeting.

    OE was from all sides suggested to be acting chairman until Sydney, and OE accepted this. The position will be ratified at the October meeting.

  8. Ranking Officer Change: WU has earlier expressed his wish to resign as Ranking Officer has. Everybody else tried to convince him to stay because of his tremendous and great job developing new ranking programs.

    Unfortunately, we did not succeed, so the big task will be transferred to Gael Marziou and WU will stay as a volunteer to assist Gael solving problems.

    It was not expressed precisely, if Gael has accepted to take over this task.

    His official confirmation is needed.

    For the future we must decide if the Ranking Officer position should be an elected person. Will be on the agenda for October meeting.

    WU pointed out that it should be a team and not only one person to work with this wide area.
    A more functional system with a ranking secretary attached to the ranking officer’s position would be preferred. Maybe a semi or full-time professional job.

  9. Secretary Position within ITTC: MB has not been able to do the secretary’s job for a long while. So it was suggested that she should resign as secretary and then concentrate on doing TD jobs, make the educational documentation, TD data base and other in co-operation with JD as well as carrying out the TD seminars.

    New acting appointed ITTC secretary will be Margit Beckmann, and she will do the contacts with nations besides the tournament secretary job. MB will assist MA in these jobs.

    AK offered his assistance to MB in setting up the TD seminar, as the build-up might be quite similar.

  10. TD Issues: Sydney: The 2 TDs will be MB and OE.
    South Africa: Inspection report and TD report coming from CL soon.
    Italy: TD report from Portogruaro coming from MB soon.
    Middle East: Inspection report to organisers and ITTC all reports to ITTC/IPC within 15 days of event - according to IPC by-laws.
    Belgium: OE to do the inspection in June.
    TD Inspection for 30 Factor Tournaments: We must be more enforcing with the time line.
    Further, JD and MB to make a formal draft for TD-inspections and after ITTC approval the manual will be published also on Internet.

    If organisers cannot fulfil requirements of, says a 30-factor tournament the factor can be lowered to for instance 20 factor. No need to decline the tournament.

    TD reports to MA within 15 days of completed tournaments.

  11. Classification: Classifiers list will - as earlier mentioned - be sent to IPC HQ after the Europeans.

    Nomination of classifiers to be done by AK. Maybe organisers can - when they have an up-dated directory - co-ordinate themselves with classifiers. Not all shared that opinion, but no decision was made.

    AK will prepare classifiers for Sydney Lists after Europeans and FESPIC where there will be seminars, and therefore more classifiers available for selection.

    Senior Classifiers: we have now around the world approximately 10 senior classifiers and 10 classifiers.

    Classification Lists to be sent to tournament organisers and they send list of entered players that need classification.

    After every tournament Ranking Officer needs to receive a reclassification list.

    Permanent Classification = those athletes that have a permanent disability and do not require multiple classification evaluations.
    (CR) Constant Review Classification = those athletes which have been classified before, but require classification each tournament, who have a progressive disability.
    (UR) - Under Review Classification = those athletes that have not been classified at a 30 and above tournament (by a complete classification panel).
    Finally (NC) - Not Classified = those athletes that have not been classified and compete in a 10 point tournament where there is no classifier. Organisers in 10 point tournaments must send me a copy of the athlete's list so I may record them as NC).

    Jordan classification and umpires seminar cannot be held in July. AB and AK have to co-ordinate that.

  12. Sanction issues: IPC by-laws: ITTC cannot sign contracts for 50, 80 and 100 factor championships as we are not a legal entity. For 10, 20 and 30 factor tournaments we should have contracts signed as well. Contracts for 30 factor tournaments to be signed during TD inspection.

    IPC by-laws state that all sanctioned tournaments have to pay a fee of $ USD 250.

    Palestine the dates have been fixed to October 19th – 25th.

  13. Rules and Regulations issues: OE and AK to compare our rules to match the IPC handbook.
    Umpires for Sydney: A number of international umpires have been fixed together with SPOC.

    13.a Badges for Umpires: Price indication between $ USD 350 – 400 for minimum 100 pieces. SC was asked to find out if it could be cheaper in Hong Kong.

  14. The Bonn meeting will be September, 16th night, 17th and leaving 18th.
    The Palestine meeting will be October, 22nd – 23rd.

MA/MB 15th July 1999