Statement from the Rules and Regulations Officer of ITTC

List of Rubbers that will be illegal July 1st 1999

According to the list of approved rubbers distributed by the ITTF the following combination of brands and type will not be legal from july 1st 1999. The reason is that these rubbers has an aspect ratio (pimple height / pimple diameter) higher than 1.1.

Seldam Ox

Feint Long



CK 531

Dirk De Cleene B01

Grass Spezial
Grass Super

Curl P-1
Curl P-3a

Phantom 0011
Phantom 0012

If the supplier improves these rubbers they will at the same time give them a new type-name.

An example of that is the Butterfly Feint which in the new type is named Butterfly Feint II.


The ITTC has discussed whether we should follow the ITTF or not.

ITTC normally follows the decisions made by ITTF unless the decision is in direct opposition to the possibilities our athletes have to play table tennis.

ITTF has after serious consideration decided that the above mentioned rubbers are damaging to the sport of table tennis.

These rubbers are only used by a low percentage of our players.

It is not necessary to play with exact one of the above mentioned rubbers to play table tennis if you are disabled.

The conclusion after considering the implication to follow or not to follow the ITTF is that there are more advantages than disadvantages by following the decision made by the ITTF.

As a consequence of that decision the above mentioned rubbers are not valid from July 1st 1999.

The organisers of ITTC-sanctioned tournaments are encouraged to make a note in the entry forms / informations to the team captains that ITTF-regulations regarding racket coverings will be enforced.

The Referees at ITTC-sanctioned tournaments must ensure that the umpires control that the players only uses ITTF-approved racket coverings.

Aksel Beckmann, Rules and Regulations Officer ITTC

13th of May 1999